Call for Scripts: Midtown Radio Dramas LIVE

Midtown radio will be producing a radio play series this autumn and is looking for submissions. We are looking for 4 plays, to be recorded as part of a live show and aired in October and November of this year.

Submission details:

  • deadline to submit is June 30, 2023
  • the writer of each selected script will receive a $500 honorarium
  • multiple submissions are allowed
  • submissions should be sent to

Script guidelines:

  • each script should be 30-40 minutes long
  • there should be one or two natural break points in the narrative (for commercial breaks)
  • radio play format – minimal description and action, focus on dialog and sound (foley)
  • subject and genre are left up to the writer – just make it engaging!
  • there will be three voice actors and one foley artist available for recordings, so keep that in mind when deciding on character count; voice actors will be able to play more than one character and the foley artist might be able to help with reading a line or two, but a small-medium character count is preferred

If your script is selected there will be a review period: a conversation with the series producer and show-runner in case any tweaks need to be made (most likely to make sure it follows radio play format). No one will be asked to make major changes to their work, just a dramaturgical conversation that is a normal part of the process when it comes to new work. With this in mind, writers should be open and available to have this conversation and potentially make minor revisions should it be necessary.

If you would like to get more guidance or discuss an idea you have for a submission before starting to work on it, feel free to contact producer Maria Colonescu (

Please note that while we accept scripts from anywhere, preference will be given to writers living in the Waterloo region.

Midtown Radio Dramas LIVE made possible with a grant from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

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