Midtown Radio Dramas – Call for Performers!

Midtown Radio is producing a series of radio plays this autumn and is looking for voice actors and foley artists.

We are looking for 2 actors to play multiple female characters and 1 actor to play multiple male characters. We are also looking for an experienced foley artist to create sound in support of the text. The foley artist may also be required to do a minimal amount of speaking (a small character or some stage directions).

There will be 6 plays, to be recorded as part of 2 live shows.

Production details:

  • The live show dates are October 8 and October 22 (2pm)
  • There will be 4 rehearsals for each live show, scheduled sometime in the two weeks leading up to each show date (specific dates and times TBD)
  • Artists must be available for both show dates and all 8 rehearsals
  • Compensation: $20/h for approx 35h

Audition details:

  • Auditions will take place on Sept 9 (9am – 1pm; 7pm – 9pm) and Sept 10 (9am-1pm)
  • If interested in auditioning, please send a resume to producer / director Maria Colonescu (colonescu.maria@gmail.com), as well as availability to audition and availability during the rehearsal periods (Sept 24 – Oct 7 and Oct 9 – Oct 21)
  • If selected to audition, you will be contacted with a time slot
  • For the first part of the audition, please prepare 3 short texts (around 2-3 minutes) that highlight your vocal quality range, any accents you can do, and generally show your skill in portraying vastly different characters through voice only – memorization is not necessary
  • The second part of the audition will be group cold reads
  • Foley artists – please contact Maria to discuss the audition process, any equipment you might require or perhaps to provide recordings of previous work

This production made possible with a grant from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

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